Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Best Brella In The World

Maxman doesn't ask for much. He's one of those kids you can take into stores and he doesn't beg you to buy him anything. Once in 3.5 years did he pitch a fit over something and we had to leave a store (a used board game from Value Village, and I take partial responsibility for the meltdown that day).

Usually when I ask if he wants me to buy something he'll say, "No thank you."

Hops & Barley on the other hand is a little different. If we're out of apple sauce, for instance, she'll look at me and say, "Buy some." That's word-for-word what she says to me.

We've been stalking our new house daily for the last couple of weeks and we pass by a luggage store on the corner each time. Maxman spotted an umbrella in the window the first time we passed by and has pointed it out ever since.

We did buy cheapo umbrellas at Dollarama the other day and his broke the next day.

So, I asked him if he would like to go buy an umbrella.

We took all our spare change in the house and went down with our sack of pennies to the Coinmaster machine at Superstore. It is the BEST thing that has ever been invented. I loved it!!
We ended up having about $23 worth of pennies in our house.

After getting the money for the umbrella we went down to the store. Maxman knew exactly which umbrella he wanted and no other would do. The sales lady had to get the one from the front window for him. It is beautiful b/c it's exactly what he wanted.

Unfortunately for Maxman it hasn't rained here for days. As you can see from the pictures, yesterday I made it rain for Maxman so he could try out his new treasure.


  1. how precious is he!

  2. What an awesome story! What characters! too cute!

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hi D.

    The luggage store is one of our regular destinations. The girls play with the kids suitcases and I shop for gifts. The store has great sales. We have alot of merchandise from that store. We also simply browse in that store. We basically go in everyone time we walk by and it is open.

    I held off on buying umbrellas for along time thinking that they were inherently dangerous and not necessary if you have a good raincoat. James is quite dead set against umbrellas of any kind. That said, I have come to realize the importance of umbrellas and now want as many as possible. Dollar store umbrellas have their place (for dragging around in the mud)but nothing can replace a good umbrella. All 4 kidz has great, new umbrellas for $11 which is a very good price for an unbelieveably cute brella.


  4. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hi D.

    I will be interested in your thoughts on Fifth Business. It is one of mine and JZ's most favourite books - actually the whole deptford trilogy. James's has asked for the Cornish Trilogy for his b-day. which is the one that RD wrote immediately after the DT. I am assuming it may also have a Jungian component. I just got a book about RD out of the library. Talk to you about it sometime soon.


  5. Anonymous11:07 PM


    You are raising some pretty awesome little people. Keep up the good work. Tell Max I'll pray for rain.

    Cold and windy in Winnipeg. Not time for umbrellas just yet.

    Miss ya. Kristin

  6. what a great story! you are an awesome mom!! i love that you put him in the shower with his new treasure--lucky kids!!