Friday, April 27, 2007

They Are All Mine and You Can't Have Them

We moved recently, and my parents came out to help us out.

The poor, poor things. I am a slave driver and they are willing slaves.

They worked so hard (my mom is still working, dad has gone home).

They have painted, cleaned, drilled, nailed, demolished, etc....My every whim is answered by an, "Okay Darcy."

Wow am I ever lucky. I have the best Moffs and Dutch in the whole wide world.

Just to make everyone a little bit more jealous. My dad painted the best mural ever on the wall of the kids' room. It covers the top half of their wall and took him a week to finish. He and Maxman designed it together. Thanks Dutch - you are the best!!!!

We are almost done for now. JEM and his dad are building a fence to keep the kids contained and my mom and I are putting up some moulding in the kitchen. Then we start to unpack the non-necessities.

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