Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Hops & Barley

H&B had the best 2nd birthday ever.

She got every single Diego movie every made. She got a tiny little Dora doll and two Diego dolls, and three teeny, tiny lovely books.

She got a wonderful faery princess dress complete with tiara and magic wand and a wonderful custom t-shirt designed by a local artist.

What a lucky girl.

She started out early in new Diego underpants - too cute.

She had a party with all her friends and ate Frosty the Snowman cupcakes.

She passed out early snuggled up tight, dreaming no doubt about how she is going to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

Maxman had a great day as well. They read the Paper Bag Princess at art class today and then made paper bag tunics. He wore his all day. Unfortunately paper does not hold up well to getting dressed and undressed. Might have to get a new tunic tomorrow.

The only hard part for the little dude was trying to understand why he couldn't play with H&B's new toys whenever he wanted and why he couldn't have as many cupcakes as he wanted.

Whew, what a day!!!

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