Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What Would I Have Done

Sometimes things happen to your wife/husband that are just plain funny, but these things become even funnier when you realize they are things that you would normally have done (role reversal).

JEM accidently locked his cell phone the other day. He was trying to put it on vibrate-mode and pushed the lock button by mistake (something I would normally do).

He then tries to unlock it and the code doesn't work. He insists he has never changed the lock code.

He digs the manual out and reads up on it and tries to unlock it again - no luck. Now he can't make any phone calls on the phone except to my phone and the emergency numbers. Hmmm, this is trouble since we don't have a landline anymore and only use our cell phones.

He makes a trek down to the Bell booth at the local mall and the snotty kids behind the desk tells him it's not Bell's problem and he'll have to send the phone to the manufacturer.

He comes home and complains about the snotty kid for a while (this is totally something I would do and not something he would do) and once again insists that he has never changed the lock code.

Next day he calls Bell they tell him that the code should be the last four digits of his phone number or 0000, then he sits on hold for a while and is eventually told that he has to send his phone in so that they can download all the info and figure out the code. He also tells them he has never changed the lock code.

In the meantime I keep grabbing his phone and trying all sorts of 4-digit number combinations sure that I can luck in to the correct number (this is, of course, something I would do). For all you non-numbers people out there the odds of me figuring this number out were really, really, really small.

Came home the other night and JEM looks at me and says,

"I unlocked the phone."

He remembered he had changed the lock code - absolutely something I would totally have done!!!

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