Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things I Really Did Teach the Little Guy

We're at the lake last week and Max is having a blast picking up kindling from around the property, putting it in the wheelbarrow and dumping it by the fire. He's also raking leaves around the property, looking for frogs, etc....

One day JEM and Max are down at the beach and Max is trying to dig up a rock.

He's having a hard time with it (I guess it was pretty big) and JEM says all of a sudden Max says, "Piss Off."

JEM doesn't say anything, just listens as Max proceeds to say things like,

"This is pissing off."

"Pissing off."

Later as JEM is telling me this story he says when Max first said, "Piss Off" he thought he must have learned it from Dutch.

I felt that I had to confess at this point that this particular leap in our son's language development belonged entirely to me.


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