Friday, September 15, 2006

Lots of Words

Hops & Barley lives up to her nickname:

She now says "beer" as well as "coffee." She also says other things like mommy, daddy, Ma (for Max), baby and shoe, but I thought the first two I mentioned were the best.

She really is a girl and has fallen in love with baby dolls in the past week. We were at the lake and there is a stockpile of old dolls (Crazy-Eyed Molly for one - this is a picture of Crazy-Eyed Molly. Yanin and I think she is the creepiest doll in the world! What do you think? Be honest, doesn't she look like she wants to punch you in the nose?) and she loved them all. She dragged them everywhere. She looks at their diapers, tries to feed them, etc... It must have been turning 18 months old that did it - all her girl urges kicked in, well except for the beer thing.

Max starts swimming lessons on Wednesday, all by himself. H&B and I will stand on the pool deck but won't be in the water with him. Can't wait to watch his first lesson.

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  1. I think you and Yanin are bang-on with your description of Crazy-Eyed-Molly. Tooooo crazy. Sounds like some exciting times for HB and MJM! As always, Love to see your posts, I always check your blog.