Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Canada Day (9 days late)

We were at the beach for Canada Day.

I asked my aunt what my uncle was going to be doing for Canada Day. He was at work in a small prairie city and wasn't at the beach with us.

She said that when she had spoken with him that morning he told her he was going to rent a "Smart" car and drive around the city with Canada flags all over the car. I asked if she thought he'd really do that and she just shrugged.

About 8 hours later my grandma was making dinner and suddenly shrieked (in a happy way of course) because this was what was parked in front of the cottage:

On Canada Day, my uncle drove 2 hours to the airport, flew 2 hours to Toronto and then drove about 3 hours to the beach. It was worth it to see my grandma's reaction alone.

P.S. there is no "road" to the parking spot where the "Smart" car is pictured. He had to offroad over sand dunes in a "Smart" car. He's cool.


  1. Did he bring the Smart car on as carry-on on his flight?? :>

  2. I would have loved to have seen the car arrive because my first thought would have been that it came out of Lake Huron. I knew it is versatile but I did not know it could also double as a sea do. I like the flags.