Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Which One of Us was the Dumbhead (as my sister would say) - You Decide

Went to Tim Horton's on the weekend for coffee.

Have not been to Tim's for a while.

Ordered a large coffee with extra milk, this is what transpired:

"You want a five?"

Me, "I want extra milk."

"You mean you want a five?"

Me, "I want double the regular amount of milk you would normally put in."

"So, a five?"

In my head I am wondering if this is some new coffee etiquette thing I've missed and maybe Tim's has been having some kind of advertising campaign that I am not privy too (we don't have cable after all and miss all the good commercials). Then the girl next to Little Miss Five pipes up (she's holding up a cup - she will be pouring the coffee):

"How much do you want?"

"Ummm, just extra milk."

Now she kind of wiggles the cup and says, "No how much," wiggle, wiggle.

I finally catch on and realize she wants me to point somewhere on the cup. I do, and feel vaguely silly doing this and am not quite sure where to point. It ends up being somewhere between the bottom of the cup and the middle.

She nods her head and says, "Okay, that's a three."

First girl then mumbles, "I thought that was a five."

During this exchange I felt like the dumbhead. After reviewing this exchange in my head, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me. I feel it is my obligation to add that before deciding that I was not the dumbhead I checked with a number of people who also had never heard of the Tim Horton's numbering system.


  1. Not sure about the number system. I am now back to a Robins I used to frequent several years ago. Two staff are still the same. So when I order I say " small black inside " That means I want a small coffee without cream/ milk or sugar in a real cup not a paper one" One lady who has worked there for at least ten years actually has the coffee ready in the cup before I get to the counter.

  2. Ahhhh yes, the lingo. I don't know about all this coffee lingo.

    Please tell me that they didn't make you ask for a size 'tall'.

    You are not the dumbhead.

    :> k.

  3. Kristin M5:12 PM


    I witnessed a coffee with milk fiasco while standing in line at Tim Hortons this a.m. It went something like
    Customer:"Coffee with triple milk"
    Staff: "You want triple milk?"
    Customer: "Yes"
    Staff: :"You want this much milk?" (while pointing with finger 1/2 way up the cup, presumably indicating milk filled up to there)
    Customer: "That's triple milk"
    Staff: "Yes"
    Customer: "Would triple cream be the same amount?"
    Staff: "No."
    Customer: "huh?"
    And so on, and so on etc...
    Mercifully, I was standing in a different line and got my large double double with no problemo.