Friday, June 23, 2006

Curls, Curls, Curls

Hops & Barley has the craziest hair. Her baby-fine hair is super-dooper curly when it's humid (which happens a lot here) and when the humidity goes away it just flops around in big clumps.

I try and put it in a pony sometimes, but she only has long hair right on top and at the very back and she just ends up looking like the evil sister who loses her wig at the end of "Young Sherlock Holmes" (you know what I'm talking about right dad & Yanin?).

I'm even at a loss as to how to cut it. It is hilarious.

None of this has any impact on her at all because she's only 15 months old and thinks she's the most beautiful thing in the whole world (which she is).

1 comment:

  1. Yep, welcome to the 'barometer head' club Marley! Gotta love it! I think that Marley and her curls are beautiful too!