Friday, June 23, 2006

Buyin' Stuff Is Fun

Hit some garage sales last weekend and found the following great deals:

1. Last Saturday we were planning on going to buy Max a new life jacket - found one at a garage sale that morning (practically new) for $1.50.

2. Needed new kitchen chairs (Hops & Barley was rocking right out of hers) - found 4 for $20.

3. Max got these fabulous new flip flops at Children's Place for $2 - he has worn them every day and loves, loves, loves them.

4. Found these two little paintings (original art is cool) for $1 a piece.

5. My mom sent out a pile of Disney movies for me a couple of years ago. As soon as we had the VCR hooked up, I put in my favourite one of all time (see below). Unfortunately it was so old that the VCR ate it! I was crushed. Fortunately, I was at V.V. this week and found it (in great condition) for $2.99. What a deal! I watched in immediately. Max didn't appreciate it, but he will.

6. Last but not least, I found a black, down-filled North Face jacket (I don't think it was ever worn b/c there is still a plastic tag attached) for $7. It fits me perfectly.

Good deals make me happy.

1 comment:

  1. Good deals are so much fun, especially when you just happen upon them! Nice work! I love the new flip flops for Max, very cute!
    :> k