Monday, September 26, 2005

Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click.....

Is it okay to love Sharpies this much?

I just bought a 4-pack of fine-tip Sharpie markers in the most marvelous shades:


Okay, the best part is....they are clicky Sharpies. The tip retracts into the pen just like a regular old ball-point pen. It is fantastic and I've been using them everywhere, including the weekend crossword puzzle (I chose the green one because it reminds me of Granny Smith Apples).

I love my new Sharpie pens. I really, really do. Oh, I forgot the best part - the package was 50% off thanks to one of those handy dandy Michael's coupons.

Discovered an easy way to prevent those blamming blammers from sending me unsolicited comments. Why do I really need to do this? What is wrong with people? The time and energy it takes to develop the software to invade my blog cannot be worth the amount of business you'll get back because, really, who is going to buy your stuff? I won't you creepy people.


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