Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One Smell I Like

Before Max was allowed out of his room this afternoon (after quiet time was deemed over) he was told he needed to clean it up.

Today quiet time involved tearing all the books off his bookshelf thus creating a book mountain and completely blocking access to the book shelf, pulling his mattress away from the wall, etc....

Anyway, he makes it to the door of his room before being told to go back and clean it up. He turns around, takes a look, holds his palms up in a mock shrug and says, "Oh. My. Goodness." As if to say, "Who could have possibly done this to my room?"

He's also been saying, "Okay, I won't." all day today. He really means "Okay, I will." but since he is only 2 years old verb tenses and negatives still confuse him. Makes for funny conversation.

There is one spot (and only one spot - I checked) on Marley's head that smells like the new Shea baby lotion Huggies has created. I love this smell but don't have the product in my house right now so it's a mystery as to how this lovely little lock of her hair smells so heavenly. The rest of her head smells like sweet potato and avocado so I keep smelling the really nice part. I'll probably rub a bald spot before I'm through. I really, truly meant to bathe her tonight but she was so, so very tired and just looked so sad that I couldn't do it to her - besides what good are baby wipes if you can't wipe your baby down with them in a pinch and pretend the baby is clean?

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  1. I want to sniff her too.
    Old Maxism "No my not!"