Friday, October 17, 2014

The Knitting Fairy

I'm a fairly clever person. One who figures out how to repair our broken washer and dryer rather than hire someone to fix them. One who will try and figure out how to do almost anything before asking for help (this is not always a good thing).

Now I will explain why I have never learned to knit.

Knitting has become extremely popular in the last number of years. I do know how to knit and have even done that thing called purling sometimes. I almost knit a sweater once but when I got to the part where you knit sleeves, my knitting guru left town and never taught me the rest. I ended up with what people call a vest and eventually donated it to the thrift shop.

I have also gone to a regular Knit Knight for the last number of years. I have never once knit at this event. I usually don't do anything but eat the snack provided and sometimes sip a glass of wine. I did do a craft once.

This is the secret as to why I have never learned to knit properly. I have a KNITTING FAIRY!!!!

I have been the beneficiary of many beautiful hats, gloves, sweaters and scarves over the years. I don't have to knit I just have to wish for something knit and it appears. The KNITTING FAIRY is a gifted individual and is generally amazing.

For example, I found this picture of a scarf online recently:

I showed the KNITTING FAIRY this picture and beg, beg, begged her to make it for me. A couple months later this arrived in the mail:

Bam! Amazing!!! It's Perfect!!!! 

There was also a sweater that arrived last year involving stripes and the most amazing buttons ever. It is glorious.

So I have never had to learn to knit. To be fair the KNITTING FAIRY (Moffs) has taught me many times over the years, I just have never bothered to try very hard because she's so much better at it than I am.

You should all be so lucky.

p.s. My cousin Jeff and his wife Britt and a baby yesterday. She is a bundle of teeny, weenie perfection and is named Mallory. Congratulations!

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