Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Summer Fun at the Beach 2014

We rolled in the day after school ended and it was perfect.

The weather was amazing, the beach was perfect and the company was charming as usual.

We swam, we played tennis, we golfed, we ate ice cream, we ate fish and chips, we saw fireworks, five of us slept in the boathouse every night, we ran the beach - it was dreamy.

The girls the day we arrived

Hanging with Moffsy

Looking out at the field of daisies and the boathouse

Go Fish with Noni

Hops & Barley


Digging, always digging

Knee deep in Lake Huron

More digging. Always digging

Yeah for the lake!

Me and mom

Avo and Camo

Frolicking in the lake

More frolicking

Ahhhhh……the lake is calling

he made it

We ran down the beach every day

Noni chilling by the water

Post water



Someone lost another tooth while we were there

A great time was had by all

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  1. Kristin Millward8:01 PM

    Looks like sooooo much fun!