Tuesday, July 08, 2014

He Turned 11 at the Beach

Maxman had his entire birthday experience planned out.

We had breakfast. Bacon, eggs, cinnamon buns, eggos, and orange juice

We did an ice cream tour of the area that took most of the day. This was at the Pine River cheese store and museum. I think they had the best ice cream of the tour.

Stop number two in Amberely. This was also a big hit.

Stop number three in Point Clark.

Not pictured is dinner at the Erie Belle in Kinkardine - a family tradition.

The birthday cake he ordered for himself at the grocery store.

There are twelve candles on the cake - one was for good luck.

Then we had to stay up late for fireworks and sparklers. Max's friend SG gave him a box of fireworks for his birthday. Fireworks are the best gift ever for an eleven-year-old boy.

Fireworks exploding on the beach. Super fun times.

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