Sunday, April 20, 2014

In April 2014

Camo lost her first tooth. Avo is mighty pissed about this and really wants to lose a tooth too.

Someone (me) entered the kids in a contest to win a chance to ride the zamboni at a Sens game. Hops & Barley won the contest. She got 4 tickets to a game, a jersey, and rode the zamboni at intermission.

When they came to get her they asked if her brother wanted to ride too. Turns out the other kids hadn't turned up (there are two zambonis on the ice at each intermission).

They both got to ride the zamboni at the game that night. This is one of my dreams and they are lucky I didn't take their spot.

Moffs and Dutch came to visit and this is the only picture we took of six out of the eight of us.

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