Thursday, April 03, 2014

Holiday in Lake Placid

As a birthday gift Moffs and Dutch flew down to visit and then shooed us out of the house for a week long vacation in Lake Placid.

It is fantastic. All we have to do is ski and feed ourselves.

Life is pretty darn good and JEM and I are very, very lucky people.

Skiing on Olympic quality courses, watching 9-year-olds luge, standing atop the 120m ski jump, watching AAA hockey for free, fantastic local micro brew, delicious food, etc….

Lake Placid is pretty fun and we are assured that it is just as much fun in the summer.

 Our condo has everything I need

 Toasty toes and micro brew

 Skiing at the Olympic complex

 This hill was much bigger than it looks

 At the start of the course

 At the start of the 5km route the women skied at the 1980 Olympics
(I only skied into the bushes once)

 In the middle of the trail

The babbling brook beside the trail 

 A mountain in the background (this is exciting for a prairie girl)

 The apres ski sauna. This is the sauna in our condo - soooo fantastic

 Standing at the top of the 120m ski jump

 Whiteface mountain as seen from the top of the 120m ski jump

JEM standing at the top of the jump

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  1. YAY!! looks like a perfect vacay!! :) Good for you guys! Hope you had an absolutely wonderful time! :)