Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Three Discoveries this Week

1. When I made biscuits for dinner the other night they didn't rise very well. I'd used a new recipe and attributed the look to the change in cookbook. About three days later while looking in the pantry I realized I'd used cornstarch instead of baking powder. Don't try this at home. It sucks. Hops & Barley wouldn't even try one - smart cookie.

2. I packed all the winter clothes away this week and went down to the Rubbermaid bins to find all my cute summer dresses I'd packed away last fall. Turns out there aren't any. I didn't have any to pack away, I just forgot that part.

3. I have been SUFFERING from spring allergies for a week. Two months ago I started eating local honey loaded with extra bee pollen every day. It's supposed to help alleviate spring allergies. It does not work!

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