Friday, May 03, 2013

Camping - My Guilty Secret

I used to like camping. I was keen to go and sit by the fire and roast my dinner over hot coals. Sleep on the ground, no problem. I grew up camping. It was fun.

This week I was talking to a very good friend about camping and admitted to her that I just don't look forward to it anymore. I don't want to do it. I feel terrible about this. Everyone else I know loves it. They look forward to it.

I told her that I thought I'd gone soft. When we moved from the middle of the country to this province we just happened to settle close enough to our family cottages that we didn't have to go camping anymore.

Sleeping in a warm, dry place is just so very nice. Even when there is no plumbing it is still nice.

Then I realized tonight that the biggest reason I don't enjoy it anymore is the planning.

When you have lots of kids you have to bring lots of stuff and plan the food and plan their clothes and pack the cooler and plan their everything. I don't want to go to a campsite and feed people all day. Maybe JEM does - he is a rock star after all. I don't want to come home and clean and wash clothes, and unpack. It's just not fun right now.

There I've said it.

Maybe it'll get better. I doubt it. I have gone soft and am looking forward to this summer and that lovely beachside resort known as Blair's Grove where there is a bed with my name on it.


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I could not agree more. I also loved camping with all the kids, the fires, the adventures, the sights the laughter and fun.....but.... it was alot of work and I don't miss that part! Lovely memories that I absolutely treasure!!!!!!!

  2. We are not fans of camping. Both of us grew up as cottage kids and there is no going back!