Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Those That Complain Here Is A New One

She swiped this tuque from me - it's mine, mine, mine
Look closely - Camo is eating an early lunch

Things I love about Dutch:

He does art
He plays the bagpipes
He plays the banjo
He coaches rugby
He jogs with me and has for 32 years (give or take some months)
He cross country skis with me and takes hills with abandon for someone from the prairies (I was really scared too dude)
He loves his bike a lot
He loves a good schedule
We talk almost every day
He loves to shop for good beer with JEM
He knows how to mix fantastic drinks for Moffsy
He is kind
He is generous (seriously Ponin, Jam and I could rob him blind if we were those kinds of kids)
He is my dad

Feel free to add to the list because I know I've forgotten things.

I guess if Moffsy complains enough like her mate she'll get a list too.

1 comment:

  1. he always has been pretty darn cool....