Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Rave About Our Healthcare System

Hops & Barley has been coughing for at least a week. It was a dry cough and she didn't appear to have any trouble breathing so we were waiting it out.

They she got a horrible earache on Thursday and by Friday had spiked a fever. The earache went away Saturday but then Saturday night she started coughing and couldn't stop. It was a little scary.

Prior to the coughing fit she had been using the glitter bar to make herself beautiful. It has this strange little scent and just after applying it she started to cough and couldn't stop. I threw her in the shower and we washed as much off as we could. I think she was having a reaction to the smell and it was irritating her already irritated system.

After the shower she started coughing the regular amount.

This morning we took her in to our Doctor's office. THIS IS WHERE THE RAVING STARTS.

Our doctor works out of a walk-in clinic that is open on Sundays (seriously how great is that!!!). JEM and H&B left for the clinic at 8:45am. It opens at 9am. JEM called at 9:15am. They had seen the doctor and were on their way to the pharmacy to get meds for her DOUBLE ear infection and her possible pneumonia.

They were in and out of the doctor's office in 15 minutes on a SUNDAY morning. I love this country, I love my doctor's office/walk-in clinic set-up. LOVE IT!

Something similar happened once before with Maxman. I don't think it was pneumonia but it was something along those lines and he had a double ear infection. The damn kids never complain. If they were rolling around in agony, complaining about anything I would have them in to the doctor, but they never do.

Even this morning H&B said nothing hurt she was just a little tired she said.

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  1. It's nice to hear a RAVE! I agree with you - we have a great system in Canada. Nothing is perfect, but we are super lucky to have what we do. I get tired of hearing so many people complain when they have no idea what they cost the medical system each year (ie. therefore have no idea what they are saving, and no idea what they'd be up against money wise if we didn't have it) and they also have no idea what the doctors/nurses/support staff are up against trying to meet the medical needs of Canadians.
    I think it would be awesome if once per year each individual Canadian got an invoice showing what medicare paid for in that year. I think it might shut people up. A couple we know recently had a baby & he had some problems with his blood sugar after he was born (the mom had mild gestational diabetes), he was in the hospital for about 2 weeks after he was born. The couple was transferring from QB residency to BC residency at the time and got to see their invoice in the process of switching provincial care cards... it was $50,000. That's what I'm talking about people!! Imagine if there was no medicare.... they'd be out of pocket for that!! or their insurance premiums would be going up up up.
    Anyways, that's why I'm so glad to see a RAVE about the health care system we take for granted. It's pretty darn sweet and I wish more people knew it.