Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas To You

Life here is pretty darn good. We all work really hard at our playing and hope you have had much joy and fun and games in your own lives.

For the new year, we wish you all the giggles in Maxman's belly, all the twinkles in Hops & Barley's eyes and all the joy in Camo and Avo's faces.

Love the land of giggles and chaos

Without further ado, our year in review:
Watching them remove mountains of snow with the neighbour girl in January

Sleeping. They used to sleep alot.

Hops & Barley has her own sense of style. If you look closely you'll see Dutch in the background.

They still hold hands in the stroller sometimes. This was sometime in March.

Camo. She still doesn't have much more hair than this.

Avo trying to eat Camo's head.

Hops & Barley was dressed as an alien for neighbour boy's birthday. Maxman was a robot. Dress up parties in March are a pile of fun.

Walking in the arboretum. A good day.

Camo and JEM.


Checking out our ArtsPark project on display in the local coffee/bike shop.

Baby pirates took over the house this summer.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing one in this shot. They are very hard to keep track of.

The baby girls love, love, love this cupboard. They do work in there almost every day.

We chalk our driveway every July 1st and then hope it doesn't rain. We tend to run out of red sidewalk chalk every year. Had to borrow from the neighbour to complete the maple leaf.

Beautiful Eli whom we met for the first time this summer.

Camo has a lot of Maxman in her and loves to play at Moffsy's workboard.

Snacktraps are the best.

The big kids have been having lots of sleep overs lately. They demanded I take this picture and told me I would really like it.

Bunnies are really cute.

I mean really, really cute.

They have graduated from the Bumbo to the Bilibo.

Max got his first hockey equipment and starts learning the ropes in January. Notice the vintage Waverly Warriors jersey. It even has his last name on the back.

Big girl now.

This one too.

Avo has enough hair for ponies. Don't know how this happened. Have never had a baby with this much hair before. She also loves this backpack and wears it around the house all the time.

See, still wearing it.

Then the elves appeared. The baby girls swiped the elf costumes this year even though the big kids thought they could wear them.

Tree decorating. So far it's still standing. Am prepared for anything.

Camo learns to use a spoon.

JEM learns to make an Icelandic treat.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


  1. thanks for a year of sharing!!!
    The gang from across the pond.

  2. Love this Darc.
    Merry Xmas to you too!! We'll see you over the holidays. Big Hugs all around.

  3. Sigh... Miss You Guys

  4. beautiful photos Darc! Have a very merry Christmas. Wish you were here.

  5. Thank you for all the pix I love you and want to hug you all! Merry Xmas.

  6. Norm and Linda said

    Great looking family but whats with all that white stuff there. Weve been lucky here so far with the white stuff but not so much on the cold. You guys have a great Xmas

  7. Wow, great review. Thank you for sharing Darcy!

  8. your christmas picture as a family made me laugh out loud! What a beautiful family you have Darce!! Can you tell me more about your 'workboard'? I think my kids would love something like that....