Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sir Maxman of Three Swords, Hops & Barley Hands of Robeez

Maxman asked me to help him make a suit of armor the other day. He wanted to be a knight. He's a very good knight and knows not to hit his little sister or his mother in the face with his sword.

Here's Hops & Barley. She's probably pretending to be a kitty cat. The other day they were mice so I put out little bowls of cheese for them to nibble. Then (clever monkeys that they are) they decided to be fish and told me I just had to put out bowls of goldfish for them.

Notice H&B's hands?? She put her Robeezs on her hands about a month ago and has rarely taken them off. She sleeps with them on, she wears them as mittens and she tries to hold her fork and eat with them on, etc... It is very funny. I don't know why she wears them but they make her happy. They only problem is when she takes them off in the middle of the night and then wakes up crying b/c they are missing.

Have been told by other mothers recently that their children have been trying this out. Could be the start of a toddler trend.

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