Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What They Are Up To

Hops & Barley is 2.5 years old now, but thinks and acts like she is four. I can't believe that she has two more years before she goes to school like her big brother.

She has spent the last 1/2 hour climbing up the arm of the big green chair, standing on the arm and jumping into the middle of the chair. She started off using the little rocking chair to boost herself on to the green chair, but this kept falling over. So as any responsible mother would do, I told her to stop using the dangerous chair to climb up the tall arm of the bigger even more dangerous chair.

I didn't word this properly because instead of stopping the whole thing, she got her little white stool to use instead of the rocking chair. I then asked her if she could stop jumping entirely.

She looks at me and says, "I'll do it carefully."

Maxman started JK full-time yesterday (full-time = every afternoon). He only went three times last week. He likes it...sort of. He doesn't like the playground and tells me every time how much he really dislikes outdoor play time. Drop off is especially sad. He sits on a bench by himself and watches the other kids play on the baby structure while H&B and I walk away.

His feelings have to do with getting kicked off the "big kid" play structure on his very first day (you have to be 5 to play on that one he was told). I have no doubt his dislike of outdoor time will pass by.....ummm.... the end of this week.

He has come home each day with something new to sing or tell me. Yesterday he informed me that this - he pointed to his head - is his tete. And this - he pointed to his foot - is his piete.

I said do you mean pied? Yes, he says my pied. Then he said that it sounds just like the letters P and A together. I said yes it does, good work. Good for him for working that out.

Then I rock his reality, because he asked me how you spell pied.

I spell it for him and he looked at me like I'm CRAZY and SILLY and flat out WRONG.

I can totally see why he thinks it's ridiculous that a word that sounds like PA (totally rational) is spelled PIED (try working that one out phonetically).

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