Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vomit - Yes, Vomit

If you are queasy, if you don't like hearing puke stories you should stop reading now.

Both kids and JEM have had the stomach flu lately. I am so tired of cleaning up puke I cannot even put in to words how I feel.

I have cleaned up, rinsed off, wiped up and swabbed down so many things in the last week it is unreal.

Just when I think things are over and okay, things come right back up to remind me that nope it's not okay.

We went out to play yesterday at a friend's house. She knew the kids were sick but didn't care. She's a nurse and she says nothing scares her. We played at her house, got in the car and were literally one stop sign from home when I heard Maxman start to cough.

I turned around in time to see gingerbread vomit streaming from his face. He puked about three times before we got to the driveway. The whole time I'm saying,

"Maxman, throw up in your lap bud. Don't throw up on the car man. Maxman, put it in your lap guy."

Yeah, it was on the floor, down the side of the car, all over his car seat and all over him (winter coat, mitts and boots of course). Mom, does this bring back any memories? It was -30 with wind chill yesterday and the puke froze almost immediately.

I cleaned it up. It took me forever to do the freakin' car seat. I almost threw it out and started over. I still might b/c it still smells and I can't face cleaning it again.

So it was done. Poor guy had a nap and we rested all squeaky clean.

Then we had to go to the mortage broker's office to sign the mortgage. We get to the office and just as we're parking the car, Hops & Barley starts barfing all over herself. AAAhhhhh!!!!! She hasn't puked in days. Why is she doing this? We had a bucket and everything for Maxman, but b/c she is strapped in so tight she couldn't get her head forward to hit the bucket.

She ended up barfing all over her new winter coat and inside her coat and inside her shirt (uncle the pilot would have been proud of her yesterday).

We cleaned her up best we could and went in and signed the papers. I was so distracted the whole time b/c everytime H & B came near me all I could smell was puke.

What a day. Good thing they are so darn cute (scroll down a bit to see just how cute they are).


  1. can I say pay back I bet the old Mazda still has your puke in it.
    Love Mom

  2. You do realize that this story could be an birth control advertisement right? This could be an entire ad campaign if you market it right! :P Although, in my line of work it really takes a lot to gross me out. I can definately imagine the buckets of restraint you would have needed to NOT throw out that car seat!