Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Very kind friends of ours gave the kids Christmas presents Monday night. They are driving to Nova Scotia for Christmas (crazy kids that they are) and kindly gave the kids Maritime-inspired gifts (stuffed lobsters) before leaving.

Marley loves her lobster soooo much. She calls it "Lobber" and sleeps with it, eats her meals with it, drags it to the mall, tucks it in for naps, etc... Max does this too, but not with the same passion. She is currently trying to swaddle Lobber in her Strawberry Shortcake sweater.

Max did however eat the smartie chocolate ball (filled with Smarties) that came clutched in the lobster's claws faster than I've seen him eat anything before in his whole entire life.

Max has always been the type of guy to eat a lot, but walk away when he's full - completely the opposite of me and some other members of my family who shall remain nameless.

This was the first time I have ever seen him cram candy in his face like an Orc (LOTR reference thrown in for good measure) was after it, or the world was on fire and his chocolate was going to melt any second. It was unreal. He started eating it in the living room, I made him take his chocolate to the kitchen table. By the time I got there - 30-ish seconds later - it was all gone. All gone!!! Every single crumb. This is only worth mentioning since it took him 3.5 years to get to this point. He wasn't even this excited on Halloween.

Merry Almost Christmas!

5 more sleeps!!!


  1. Did you kick Santa out of his chair?
    You actually make a good one but where's the beard?
    Love Moffs

  2. I love the Lobber story. Soooo cute.

    YES FIVE MORE SLEEPS! Jeff nearly forced me to look at my presents last night, because I wouldn't let him open one of his early! I was kicking and screaming WAIT til CHRISTMAS MORNING!!