Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hair Trauma Coming To An End - Hopefully

I have always liked my hair. It's never caused me any trouble, it takes colour very well and is generally pretty happy up there on top of my head.

All this love changed after I had Max. About 5 months after he was born I lost a pile of hair from temple to temple. Not enough for anyone to notice mind you, but enough that when it started growing it was totally noticable. It was like I'd cut the shortest bangs possible and then had to wait while these curly, baby fine hairs grew long enough to do something other that sit all poufy around my face.

These pseudo-bangs finally grew out and then I went and did it again. Hops & Barley came along and 5 months later, same thing. These tiny little baby fine bangs sprouted all along my hairline. There was nothing I could do about it. You can't gel them down, you can't blow them straight - they are resistant to all attempts to tame them.

It's now one year after these cursed bangs started growing back and in the last week or so I've started liking my hair again. I've had great haircuts during this time (thank you Moffs), but the hair itself was just not behaving like it had for most of my life.

Then I made a startling discovery. I changed shampoo/conditioners about a week ago. Instead of the cheapest one available on the grocery store shelf, I splurged on some Garnier Fructis at Costco. It wasn't the bangs that was causing me hair grief, it was the cheap-ass hair products I've been buying forever now. Who would have thought that there was actually a difference?

I have learned a valuable lesson.

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