Friday, May 05, 2006

Projects Max and I have done lately (with some help)


We got a new coffee table recently that started out as a regular sized oak pedestal table. I have wanted a coffee table like this for ever. My aunt has one and I love it, so I found myself an old oak table and copied hers.

Erik's friend did an awesome job cutting the pedestal down with his table saw and Max helped me re-attach the top. Some of you may have seen Marley dancing on the table top before the project was completed.


I have been wanting to paint this dresser for more than a year now (that's how long we've had the paint).

Finally hauled it out to the back yard last Sunday (beautiful day) and sanded, primed and painted it.

Max helped with the priming stage and was very good at it. He also helped me pick out and attach the hardware.



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