Thursday, February 23, 2006

Patience is Not My Virtue

In certain situations I have tons of patience (coaching for instance) in most of the rest of my life, it is not my strongest attribute.

Take yesterday for instance.

Marley is almost a year old. When kids reach one year old their car seats can be turned around from rear-facing to forward-facing. Marley has been ornary in the car for the last number of months. I thought it was because she's been staring at the back of the car's seat for 9-10 months and was bored silly, but just wasn't sure.

Back to yesterday: I'd just finished a big shop at the grocery store and stopped by the produce store for some other things. As I went to put the kids back in the car she started pitching a fit. I have no patience left for these fits so I did the following:

1. Put Max in the car (where he roamed and explored).
2. Left Marley in the shopping cart in the parking lot beside the car.
3. Moved Max's car seat to the other side of the car (where he will now sit) so he could hop in and sit down and not put coins in the CD player again.
3. Opened the back of the van and unloaded all my groceries on to the ground.
4. Took out the other miscellaneous things in the rear of my van including and not limited to: a shovel, an umbrella stroller, curling brooms and some purple shopping bins.
5. Climbed in and proceeded to spend much too long installing the tether-thing that holds Marley's car seat in along with the LATCH system thing-a-ma-bob.
6. Showed my ass off to anyone driving out of the parking lot as I did this.
7. Re-loaded the car.
8 Loaded Marley in to the car seat at which point, yup, SHE PITCHED A FIT!

Most normal people would have waited till they were home and the kids were safely napping/watching Franklin to do car seat installations. I think they're wimps and should try parking lot installations. It provides a challenge and keeps life interesting.


  1. its not only you and me but it is really NONI .....think about doing it and it must be done now!!!!!!!!!! a little bit frightening actually at least you entertained the parking lot there was probably a traffic jam of people watching

  2. It's like someone turns of the "BE RATIONAL" button in my head and I have to do whatever it is immediately.

    Glad it's genetic and I'm not alone.