Thursday, November 10, 2005

Important Milestones & Lessons Learned

2.5 going on 15

This week my not-quite 2.5 year old said to me:

"No, I don't HAVE to."

Apparently I really do have a teenager trapped in a toddler's body.

Lessons I learned this week (and it's only Thursday):

1. While nursing the baby in the back of the van, I let Max sit in the driver's seat and pretend to drive, push the buttons, etc....Now the CD player doesn't work. Hmmmmm....I didn't see him do it, and I can' t swear it was him, but he really likes to put things in to slots, like coins.

Lesson (possibly expensive lesson) learned - do not ever take your eyes off your toddler while they are driving your car.

2. While nursing the baby in the back seat, I closed the sliding door. Tried to get out only to discover the door wouldn't open. Unlock the door lock manually - door wouldn't open. Hmmm.....Unlocked the doors with the keyless entry remote - door wouldn't open. Hmmmm....Tried again, door wouldn't open. Am now trapped in the back of the van, wedged in between the unopenable door and a huge car seat so I can't even crawl over into the front seat. Did I mention that Max is still in the driver's seat at this point? So, I reach my really long monkey arm through to the passenger side door handle and open the door. Then I reach my really long monkey arm around and attempt to open the sliding door from the outside. Three or four attempts later I finally get it open.

Lesson learned - When alone with the kids do not engage the childproof (adultproof) lock on the sliding door if you are going to get in the back and close said door.

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  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum!(may peace be unto you)

    That sounds like a very funny story...great lesson learned:D