Sunday, November 06, 2005

Famous People I've Been Close Enough To Touch

I haven't actually touched any of them, but have been close enough to physically make contact with:

1. Fred Penner - yes the world famous children's entertainer! He was on the same plane as we were a number of years ago. I think my brother even got his autograph. Chose not to touch him, 'cause I didn't really want to.

2. Sam Neill - lead actor from Jurassic Park. I was on a shuttle bus between terminals at Toronto airport in 1999 (I think). He was on the same shuttle. I was close enough to have brushed up next to him but...this is important....I had no idea I was standing next to him. My sister's future sister-in-law was with me and was trying desperately to tell our group without being obvious that Sam Neill was right beside us. She was really, really subtle, because I didn't catch on at all. So, to sum up, I might have touched him, could probably have touched him, but had no clue who he was at the time.

3. Steve Martin - yup, that Steve Martin. While touring the Art Gallery of Ontario (currently under construction with pitifully few exhibits I might add. It was soooo disappointing) this summer (June 2005) Erik and I went to a special exhibit, can't even remember the name. We spent 3/4 hour wandering through looking at some really interesting art and some non-interesting art (how much talent does it really take to paint a canvas black and hang it on the wall??? I know there are some people who can debate the merits of art like this, but I just don't buy it). The whole time we were there, we were a couple of pieces of art behind another couple - the only other people there. In the small gift shop at the end of the exhibit there was someone chatting up the cashier.

All of a sudden he stops, turns and says, "Hey, aren't you Steve Martin?"

Then Steve Martin says, "Yes." Steve Martin is the guy we've been following for 3/4 of an hour.

Dude says, "Love your work man."

Steve Martin says, "Thank you."

It was cool. I said nothing. Erik noticed nothing and we had to loiter in the stairwell until Steve left so Erik could see him too. Once again I had no clue there was someone famous in the room. In my defence, he was wearing a ball cap to cover the hair. It was a great encounter because he looks just like he does in the movies. He's tall, thin and has white hair. No disappointments.

Could have touched him if I wanted, but that would have just been creepy on my part.

4. Jean Chretien/Adrienne Clarkson - at Remembrance Day services. I could have gotten close enough to touch, but there were actually sniper-type guys on the roofs, so I chose to just observe from afar.


I believe that I have seen way more famous people than I think I have. I simply do not recognize any of them.

Who have you encountered up close?

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