Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm an Ant, I'm an Ant, I'm an Ant, Ant, Ant...

Wait a second, that should say:

I'm an Aunt, I'm an Aunt, I'm an Aunt, Aunt, Aunt!!!!!!!

My niece was born early this morning, and by all accounts is perfect and beautiful and wonderful and I am so excited that she is finally here. I can not wait to meet her and am totally, completely in love with her already (I haven't even seen a picture of her yet).

To Moffs: I have been checking my e-mail like an OCD maniac for hours now hoping against hope that you have left my lovely sister alone at the hospital to rush home and send me pictures of my one and only niece. I know this is a priority for you seeing as how important I am and how important it is that I stay informed. Just so you know, I really am checking it like a maniac, but totally understand how tired you are and that you have priorities right now and I'll just have to be a patient daughter. Okay, I don't understand, but am pretending to.

The hardest part for me is being about 2000 km away and having to wait till Christmas to meet her. The hardest part for my sister was pushing her out (I think). After what was possibly the worst pregnancy ever and what also seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, she now gets to cuddle and play with her beautiful new baby girl.

Congrats Ponin and the Body - you two rock!!!


  1. 6:35 pm - have just checked my e-mail, no pics of my niece. Assume my mother is busy doing good deeds for mother of my niece. Not sure this is a good enough excuse not to have sent pics yet.

  2. 6:37 pm - just to clarify, the clock on the blog is 4 minutes faster than that of my computer. Just to be clear is all.

  3. 6:38 pm - just to clarify the clarification, it should have said that my computer's clock is 4 minutes faster than the blog clock. That's all.

  4. 8:45 am Thursday - Jamie has saved the day and sent pics of my niece. She is awesome and perfect. Moffs still has not completed her task, maybe she'll get around to it today.