Tuesday, October 25, 2005

#1 Pet Peeve of the Pool

When you go swim laps and those who are sharing your lane are unaware of the simple rules of etiquette. The rules are as follows:

1. If someone swims faster than you it is only polite to move to the side when you get to the wall and let the faster person go ahead of you.

That's it!!! Could someone please tell the stupid thing in the little sporty bikini who was in my lane yesterday, like maybe her boyfriend (who was also in my lane and knew, and abided by the rule but didn't tell his girlfriend).

This is what happens when people don't abide by the one rule of lap swimming:

a - The SWIM OVER - you end up swimming over someone, as my sister did one day when this stubborn old man refused to let her pass or let her go ahead. I guess he didn't want to admit that a girl was faster than him so he got SWUM OVER.

b - The BUM TOUCH - you touch someone unintentionally on the bottom because they swim too slowly or have to slow down because the person in front of them swims too slowly. Eg. Yesterday I BUM TOUCHED the guy in my lane because his twitty girlfriend wouldn't move over and let him go by. He had to slow down so he didn't SWIM her OVER, I didn't know this and ended up TOUCHING his BUM and felt really uncomfortable about it.

c - You IRRITATE the HELL out of everyone else in your lane. This IRRITATION does bond the other swimmers to each other in their shared IRRITATION at the rule breaker, but it is still really, really IRRITATING (i.e. the woman in the yellow swim cap and I bonded yesterday in our shared IRRITATION at bikini girl's rule breakage).

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  1. have not laughed so hard at the truth in a long time. I gotta get to the pool!!