Monday, May 09, 2016


UPDATE 3: There are three eggs in the nest. I think this is the maximum they can handle.

UPDATE 2: There are two eggs in the nest:

UPDATE 1: There was one egg in the nest yesterday night. I believe there could be two by tomorrow morning.

We bought hanging baskets yesterday.

Every year I buy three red geranium hanging baskets. I often think about branching out and buying something different and then realize they are easy, last all summer and look fantastic.

Last summer the little birds out front built a nest in one of the baskets. A very clever choice for the birds. No predators, totally sheltered from the elements and very private.

We didn't realize they were in there until we took them down to water one day and the girls found a perfectly round nest with three little blue eggs. It was so perfect it looked fake.

We put it back and three baby birds were born.

This morning I hung the basket up at 9am and went to work. I returned at noon and the birds had already found the basket and built 90% of a nest.

Can not believe their persistence and how quickly they worked.

Will see how fast those eggs arrive.

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  1. Moffsg9:54 AM

    So happy to see you blogging again!