Wednesday, October 01, 2014

My New Bike, a Car and the Neighbour's Hot Tub

I got a new bike. Some kind people known as my parent's helped my buy it.

It is fast! I didn't know my old bike was slow until I started riding this one. I love it! I have ridden it almost every day.

Maxman got my old bike. It's a little too big for him right now but will fit him perfectly next spring.

It's a white Trek

It has electric blue pedals

It has a faux leather seat

It has a bell and a light

We also got a new car. I wasn't nearly as excited about the car as I was about the bike.

It's a Toyota Sienna. It's new. It still smells good.

It's a mini van and can hold a lot of stuff - like six people.

Our neighbours have a  hot tub and have been inviting the kids over in the evenings to partake. They love it. I love that the neighbours have one so we don't have to.

School night hot tubbing.

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