Monday, September 08, 2014

Recent Shenanigans

Maxman made and sold bird feeders this summer. It was a very successful venture.

One day I went to have a shower. When I came upstairs there were 5 little girls in my bed just like this. I only have three little girls. The other two wandered in off the street.

My cousins are the two in the middle of the picture. The one in the pink suit hadn't been in the lake for years. She asked if I would anchor their relay swim team. I had to do it just to get her in the lake. We came third.

I am holding a large trophy I won for swimming between two docks. I won it last year as well and think I should quit now and retire at the top of my game like Derek Jeter. My aunts are the ones on the right fighting to share the podium for third place.

The amazing Vivi appears every now and then.

Correction: This is not the amazing Vivi. It is the amazing Nammy. Even I can get them mixed up sometimes.

I suggested that perhaps her bodysuit was on backward. I was informed that I was wrong. I wasn't wrong.


  1. WOW great pics!! I love the bird feeders Max!! And the snug little bugs, so cute! Amazing Vivi - truly amazing!! and SuperStarMomma!! - you swimmer you!!

  2. Kristin M2:11 PM

    The last pic has me laughing out loud! She's got her head, hands, and knees protected, but her poor little tuckus....I sure hope she didn't take a tumble.