Sunday, July 13, 2014

What we Do Around Here On Sunday Mornings

I woke the four of them up at 6:30am today so we could go and watch this in the rain:

It was surprisingly powerful to watch a building implode. Everyone burst into applause after.

The crew agreed that this was in fact a good reason to get up and out of bed that early.

Then we ran the annual Hintonburg 5km race. Camo and Avo ran the 1km with me and the big kids ran the 5km.

Maxman finished in the "unofficial" time of 20:40. He was smoking fast and it was pouring rain. My friend the lightening fast J said I should have made him wear a DryFit shirt insead of his baggy cotton t-shirt that slowed him down. He raced to the finish with another boy his age. They were the top under 13  kids today. They beat the local MPP and our MP. Way to go boys.

Hops & Barley finished in about 27:00. She has lowered her time by about 5 minutes from last year.

They both run 5km faster than I do now.

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