Sunday, March 09, 2014

New Things

There are all sorts of articles and research out there telling you how important it is for your brain and well-being to keep learning.

Learning is hard and learning new skills is scary.

Last year I decided to learn to really play tennis. It was scary. I was really nervous. I wasn't very good.

I just kept playing no matter what. I have now played all winter with a lovely group of people and have made vast improvements. I now know how to keep score. When to change sides, and what deuce means.

It was hard, it was frustrating but it was really, really good for me.

So, today I did something new again. I borrowed a pair of skate skis and a friend took me out and gave me a lesson.

It was scary and frustrating and I fell at least five times.

I loved it. I listened to her advice, I tried things, I skied with poles and without, and I figured things out.

My brain is thanking me.

I'm a little proud of myself today.


  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    "To live is to learn." You were a superstar!!

  2. Awesome D!!! :) Yahoo!! I am imagining that you are a formidable force on the tennis court these days, and a smiling one at that! :) Awesome that you were out on skate skis, super fun, the snow and trail conditions were so perfect here the other night it felt like we were literally flying on the skate skis. fun fun. xoxo