Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

We have had a wonderful year and look forward to having just as much fun and playing just as hard in 2014.

We wish you tons of giggles, piles of hugs, copious amounts of fun and crazy good times for the year to come.

A small recap of our year:

In January it was Noni's birthday. She loved her birthday hat and Shelley loved my shirt. I'm lucky I left with it.

Maxman and Hops & Barley in Petawawa.

This is what JEM looks like when he coaches hockey. All four coaches dress like this. They are very dapper.

Dutch and his girls walk the strip.

Maxman on the ice.

Maxman still on the ice.

Camo loves to pose for pictures. She poses hard!

It was -40 on the walk to school this day.

Cheering on the marathoners in May.

Cookie racing in June.

Using the hockey net in the off season.

The sprinkler is so much fun.

The sprinkler is still so much fun.

Avo waiting for JEM to get home from work.

Maxman Canada Day

Camo Canada Day

Avo Canada Day

H&B Canada Day

Holding flowers on our noses.

Hiking Pink Lake. They can all do it now.

Awesome family reunion weekend of Moffat world domination.

The campfire and the meat. I still think with fondness about all that meat.

The beach.

The sunsets at the beach.

Appreciating that we live in the nation's capital.

First day of school 2013.

Uncle Jam made him a bow and arrow set.

We went apple picking. Some of us were in our jammies.

Sometimes we are silly.

picture by Norm Magnusson

We all had a very merry Christmas.

BONUS - this was voted best video of the year by ME. I love it and never tire of watching it.

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