Thursday, December 20, 2012

Obsessions and Kindness and Cute Stories

During the Christmas season I get the urge to craft. Something catches my eye and I have to do it. One year it was soft trees. Did I just make one or two? No!!!! I made about twenty. By the end I hated those trees. But man they are cute. The kids still play with them all the time. They really are a fantastic craft.

This year I found these little white houses you light with faux tea lights. The pattern makes three. I thought I can't just make three I must make more. I decided to make six. You have to cut out each of those windows with an exacto knife. There are 16 windows with four panes per window. I hated those freaking houses by the end. But man are they cute. I love them!!!!

The annual Christmas puzzle. We grew up doing a Heye puzzle (by Mondillo) every Christmas. A friend of my mom's would gift us a puzzle each season. I loved it. I have found them over the years at the local second hand shop. We are sorting the pieces and ready to start. Maxman and Camo is very excited.

If anyone stumbles upon one of these puzzles at a thrift store please snag it for me. James and I are looking to collect some.

In the random act of kindness category: A mom at school (who only has boys and loves the little girls) asked if she could knit hats for Camo, Avo and Hops & Barley. Yes, yes, yes!!! I said.

She dropped these off for us yesterday. Thank you so much. They love them.
Avo loves words. She listens to everything you say and asks what things mean and tries new words out all the time.

We had the following conversation today after school.

me: "Avery you are such a hoot."

Avo: "Hoot. What's that mean?"

me: "It means you're funny."

Avo: "Indeed I am."

Camo is practicing being saucy lately. The following happened two nights ago:

The girls were in bed and were supposed to be going to sleep. I could hear them talking for a long, long time and after telling them to go to sleep many times finally went in their room.

When I opened the door Camo was standing next to Avo's bed talking to her. Upon hearing the door she froze. I told her to get in to bed.

As she crept back to bed she looked at be and said, "Vivi did it."

Camo has also been trying to learn to skip for a couple of months now. She's got one foot down but couldn't quite master both feet in a row.

The other night on the way to a gingerbread house making party I was holding her hand and all of a sudden she tugged my hand and said with such glee:

"Mom, I think I'm figuring it out."

She was skipping down the sidewalk. She did it!

The end

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