Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hockey Weekend and a Little Bragging

Maxman's hockey team played in the Bell Capital Cup this weekend.

You can read about it here: Bell Capital Cup

There are over 400 teams and something like 6,000 hockey players.

There are teams from Finland, Germany and the USA. The pin trading is really intense and fun to watch.

The Ice Dragons fought hard in their three games but did not prevail.

They did however kick some ass in the skills competition today.

They won 2 of 5 events and blew me away.

Three of his teammates (Justin, Andrew and Jakob) banded together and showed their finesse and calm under pressure to win the agility relay.

The speed relay team was on target for a trip to the finals but slipped on a couple of corners and ended up missing the final race.

Maxman waited two hours for his turn at the target drill. He had 25 seconds and 12 pucks. His goal was to get as many as he could in the net.

He was the last one up and......

...turns out 5 pucks in the net was enough to win the trophy. Go Max Go!!! He also was chosen to play in one of the many All Star Games during the tournament and got to keep a snazzy red jersey.

Max's sisters were amazing today. I promised the contest would be shorter than an actual game. Turns out they had to sit through two hours of skills competitions and hardly complained. Superstars they are.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    great report love reading the accomplishments and experiences of the grandkids


  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Wow Max, WOW!!!!!!
    Love Lois