Thursday, November 11, 2010


They are best friends. They hardly ever fight. They squabble, but don't fight.
 they made Duplo towers the other day

They giggle and share and play and run and jump and make up games.

They are wonderful and I highly recommend that anyone thinking about having a child seriously consider having twins. I can't imagine it any other way. One would be so very lonely without the other.

The other two are also doing fantastically well. They are great older brother and sister and are thriving at school. In fact Hops & Barley is sad that there is an inservice tomorrow.

they like to choose their own clothes a lot these days. I don't fight it, it's not worth it.

On a sadder note. Tomorrow some of our very best neighbour friends are moving. We will miss them very much. They are only moving about a block away (I know it's not that far away) but it makes a big difference around here.


  1. I love your attitude to twins so much that I gave you a small award today over at my blog :)

  2. Oh my goodness these girls are way too cute!! :) How much fun are they having together!!

  3. Kathleen2:42 PM

    Hey beautiful - this is perfect.... I love it. I am all over being a blogger.... I feel instantly cooler!