Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hockey Hops & Barley Style and Art Work

She plays hockey one night a week now. She loves it. She has a pink hockey stick and pink laces. She wears her dad's old hockey jersey.

We learned after her first session that she shoots right. JEM came home and bent her blade the right way for her. He's a good dad.

 Camo is wearing a Halloween headband. All the girls got one. They are so cute.
 Maxman tattled on his baby sisters on Sunday. They chose to use the wall instead of paper for their art. Bad girls.

We have no pictures of Maxman playing yet but he has gotten really fast and can stop now. He LOVES playing defense. He recently started to understand that there is a lot of strategy involved in hockey. This has taken his interest to a whole other level.


  1. Those don't look like crayons on your table....

  2. You are brave taking on hockey with, gulp, four kids. You guys rock!