Friday, September 03, 2010


A neighbour told me the other day that while Maxman was playing at their house he told them that "we" believe in Hell.

Funny, because I still don't know what I believe and while we have talked a little about these things I have definitely never said that in our house we believe in Hell.

I asked him about it and he insisted that I told him this. I said no, he said yes. At this point my brother stepped up and said, "Maxman I am going to have to side with your mother on this one. She would never have said that."

A couple of days later I asked him what he thought Hell was. It went something like this:

Me: Maxman, what do you think Hell is like?

Maxman: Well, it's red and there is a red devil there. No wait, there is a red devil and a black devil. The red devil has a black pitchfork and the black devil has a red pitchfork. There is a volcano and lava.

Me: Okay. Um, why do you go to Hell.

Maxman: If you are bad.

Me: So what about Heaven. What is Heaven like.

Maxman: Well in Heaven, your feet are close to God's feet.

Me: Feet? Your feet?

Maxman: Yep, your feet are really close to God's feet and there is money everywhere. Like on the walls and the clouds and everything.

Me: Money? Like dollars?

Maxman: Yep, like fives, tens and twenties.

Me: Maxman, I never told you this.

Maxman: Really? I must have dreamed it then. Yes, it must have been a dream.

The End.

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