Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She's Five

Hops & Barley and I had to share cake together for her birthday. Everyone else in the house was either asleep or throwing up that day. We enjoyed it, don't worry about us. Also, we only had a #6 candle kicking around.
The boys carrying H&B before going out for birthday pizza.
Wearing her new birthday goods. Tutu, coat, leggings.

She makes me laugh every day.
She asks me really tough questions and listens to the answers.
She loves pretty things.
She loves to feel pretty.
She also loves to get dirty and plays really hard every day.
She has the most incredible imagination and can tell intricate and hysterical stories.
She has looks. I have been told I have looks. I didn't understand until I got one from her the other day (Dad, I get it now).
She loves her brother and sisters so very, very much.
She is exuberant and crazy and fierce and friendly and wonderful and can still be extremely shy at times.
I adore her little face and her clever little brain.
You are the best kiddo.


  1. Beautiful - all of them!
    I think 5 is my very favourite age, and I will miss it when B turns 6 next month. Enjoy!

  2. She is sooo sweet!
    I can hardly believe she is 5 and how much she has changed in the last year!
    You have such beautiful kids!
    Your "She makes me..." made me teary.
    Big Hugs!