Saturday, September 19, 2009

Possible Family Pet?

A friend of our is breeding Praying Mantises in his studio. He feeds them flightless fruit flies that he breeds himself.

The Mantises are getting big and are starting to think about eating each other.

They need to get rid of some.

They have asked several times if we want one.

Any thoughts?


  1. is the objective of having them, to watch them eventually each other?

  2. where do they poo?

  3. Kristin10:56 PM

    Is this the opening few lines of your first novel? Fiction right?

    If like to pet animals. I'm not sure what the life span of a Praying Mantis is, but I suspect it will be drastically reduced in the presence of 8 tiny hands.

  4. Kerri1:43 PM

    I say why not!!?? We have a blue lobster right now named Bob!