Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Things in August

- Learning to make s'mores using chocolate covered digestive cookies. Saves a bunch of hassle. Thanks SAM.

- Pretzels dipped in hummus is an awesome snack.

- Wishing for a glass of wine after dinner. There is no wine in the house. Around 8pm the man coming to pick up the $5000 cheque I found that afternoon in my driveway brings me a bottle of wine to thank me. Mom says I should have wished for an addition to the house.

- Watching the babies play together and giggle at each other. Then watching them bean the nine-year-old neighbour boy in the head with the books they are chucking (he keeps giving them the books back).

- Watching the big kids and all the neighbour kids play tag and chase for hours with only minor injuries.

- Cold beer with JEM when he gets home from work.

- A big basket of sun-warmed cherry tomatoes (yellow and red ones) and beautiful cucumbers from my neighbour across the street.

- Hearing everyone's camping and canoeing stories and being so thankful for our little cabin in the woods and big cabin on the beach (I have gone so very soft).

- Pictures from our very fun time at the lakes.

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  1. Kristin11:41 PM

    What a wonderful summer you had!