Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Future

Maxman says to me this afternoon:

"Mom, in 29 years I'll be as old as you are now."

Takes me a minute to do the math, "yes, you will be 35. I wonder what you'll be doing when you are 35?"

"I'll be doing the same things as dad does," he says.

"You might be working, you might be in school, you might be married, you might have kids, you might be travelling..." I say.

"Well I won't be married to the person I want to marry. The person I want to marry is already going to marry somebody else." he's a little sad as he says this.

"Mom, did this ever happen to you?" he asks.

Oh, how he breaks my heart in a good way.

So, I have one handsome little 6 year old looking for a future bride if anyone is interested.

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