Monday, July 06, 2009

The Camo Sitting Mystery

Camo does things at her own pace.

While Avo zips around investigating everything and everyone, Camo sits there happily playing with her toys and chattering away.

While Avo cruises and tries to pull things off the table, Camo will lie on her stomach and scream b/c she is stuck there...or so we thought.

The other day I put her down for a nap. She was fussing a bit so I went in to help her and she was sitting up. Wow! I was so excited the first time she went from lying to sitting alone.

I laid her down again and left. A short while later, sitting up again.

She has done it again and again. The only problem, we have yet to see her do it. I tried spying on her, but she knows I'm there and won't. When I try to make her do it in the living room she just yells at me.

At her own pace and in her own way - that's Camo.

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