Friday, June 26, 2009

Before and After

One of my pet peeves - before and after pictures that are not taken from the same position. Many, many design magazines do this and it drives me bonkers. They show you a before shot, the lighting is crummy the angles are terrible, etc...Then they show the after. The lighting is fantastic and the picture is taken from a completely different angle. Grrrrr.....

So, I have tried my best to take these before and after pics of our garage destruction from the same angle.

Now, after we pick up all the stray nails and other tidbits that are hanging about, we have to decide what to do with the space. Swimming pool, veggie garden and skating rink have already been suggested.


  1. I'm still surprised it's never going to be a sheet of curling ice... but WOW it looks awesome. I think it would make a really cool linear obstacle/play structure park for the kids... perhaps with patches of veggies as part of the obstacles!! with willow branch tunnels too! :) and said play area could be walking or bike friendly, sweeeet.

  2. hmmmm.... I think you should move the fence, widen the backyard and put the fence near the front! Add some veggie patches, a swing or two!